Mental Training Coach

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What kind of athlete / player /coach / teammate are you?

What kind you want to be?

Best out of you!

Motivation – Self- Confidence – Goal Setting – Attitude  – Mental Preparation etc, be ready when it’s a time!

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Petteri Nykky – golf – Matilda Castren – Katja Pasanen – mental training coach


karpat- juniorit-somenmestari-katjapasanen

Jääkiekkovalmentaja Katja Pasanen

Mental Training Coach

Professional Coach,  Ice Hockey

LinkedIn: Katja Pasanen

In English coming up later, sorry that they are not ready yet but I work in English too. I have athletes and coaches around the world. I also have done camps other countries, so I have worked and I am able to work in English.

We get new pages soon, English and Finnish,

We have this old pages only in Finnish